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Enemies of the people

The links lower down this page don't include the obvious bad actors. These evil, cowardly or reckless actors are prejudicing and persecuting Trump (+ the 75m voters that follow him source ) and are listed as follows..

Social media Trump Bans

  1. Twitter (on his and the official @POTUS account)
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram 
  4. Pinterest banned hashtags related to Trump
  5. TikTok also banned such topics (Trump previously attempted to ban the Chinese-owned site)
  6. Snapchat
  7. YouTube
  8. Twitch

App stores, forums and web hosts purging Trump and his supporters

  1. Google removed Parler
  2. Apple removed Parler
  3. Amazon terminated Parler
  4. Discord banned the server "The Donald"
  5. Reddit

Payments platforms damaging Trump

  1. Shopify
  2. Stripe

Bias and Thought Fascism

  1. Firefox have espoused far left extremist views of censoring the entire internet. See link tiles below
  2. Google (owns youtube) -- See here for their far left monopoly enabled collusion with other internet players and their obvious shadow banning and conservative purging ways.

For alternative resources, please see our list


We examine a lot of sites and occasionally come across a site which is particularly misleading or annoying. So we listed them here!

Joint First prize joint goes to Daily Mail's MailOnline and "The Gateway Pundit" for being Deceitful. Both pretend to be conservative and offer freedom of speech but do neither. The Gateway Pundit is perhaps not as bad as the Daily Mail except that it projects itself as your friend with slogans like "Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback" and "We report the truth" whilst showing a tabloidian approach to salacious ant-left stories. That we don't mind, but they also practice a left styled jackboot indiscriminate blocking of commentators without warning or discussion on the thinnest of pretenses at having to "obey the law" revealing a left leaning and/or gutless streak that is most certainly not conservative. We advise Disqus users to part company with them because their behavior will impact your freedom of speech across a bevvy of sites that use Disqus.

We caught the Daily Mail with their pants down shadow banning, manipulating comments (especially delaying their release), pretending to be independent of the more neutral press "Metro" (UK) which turns out to be "moderated" by the same people and owned by Daily Mail's owners. Worse, they will support a cause or person, wait until they are comfortable, then rip into them with all the vigor of a rogue pit-bull -- this they do with presidents, prime ministers, Brexit, or any cause / faction. Case in point over Brexit - this example is the kind of Brexit scaremongering from the MSM narrative that the UK was repeatedly subjected to by the BBC (as next) and is not worthy of the conservative following whom they benefit from. Their principles can be summed up as "pretend to be everyone's friend but betray any creed when you see money in it". Can anyone stand "fake friends" like that?

Second prize goes to the far left BBC .. for your daily dose of hypocrisy, see Why you can trust BBC News! This is one of the most biased and epically tainted "state broadcasters" from the main stream media (MSM) cabal you will ever see. So clearly anti-ethic (anti Western ethical framework as established by the churches and faiths that underpin our democracy and law) you might be mistaken for thinking they emanated from the fabled Sodom and Gomorrah of the old testament -- Rigidly so dedicated to LGBT and non-British minority cultures, they seem dedicated to the emasculation of the ordinary men and women who are the backbone of the British culture from which they spawned.

Third prize is "Democracy Watch" (link below) who somehow managed to obscure the No option for the Notification question we all dread. They did this by coloring the No option white on white. I noticed this little deceit has since been removed but I cannot stand that kind of dishonesty! Can you? The pretence of being your conservative friend but will do anything to self-promote. Friends like that we can do without.

Consolation prize goes to "True Pundit" for being the biggest waffler and self-gratification artist (ie: in love with own voice) we've ever heard ... the story linked below (and here) just has everything you don't want in spades. Most of the "facts" pertaining to this example being "Bill Gates negotiated $100 Billion contact tracing deal" is in the podcast as the typed description says. "This one will be one to remember - you will remember this one" .. then seemed to forget his own topic. This after the completely inappropriate musical intro of some of the most irritating metal/folk music ever. At 03:50 he eventually says "I'm not going to fuck around too much with intros" .. and MINUTES LATER he was STILL INTRODUCING with his painful little giggles! Am at the 10:00 min mark and still NOTHING! "I think there is 5 big stories here" .. I'd give my right arm for 1! 11:00, still introducing .. we are hoping the happy cabbage ciggy is burning down by now, but no.. 12:00 "let's jump right into it" .. yay! Sadly, my oxygen supply was then depleted so I was listening to voices that may have been described prior, but I suspect not.. so I was listening to drivel that appeared to have no relationship to the subject matter. At that point, I fell asleep.
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