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The Great Reset to follow Covid Lockdowns?

There is a fear that all the machinations against Trump, Covid and the 2020 Election debacle are culminating towards what is referred to now as the Great Reset. This video here (and below) is especially telling.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab certainly ties it all in together here and was heard to have proclaimed that after economically devastating  lockdowns, people will be begging for the big reset (unfortunately we can't find the link for that, so it is only an allegation) -- ie: a communist redistribution of wealth.

And some may see this redistribution of wealth and the accompanying enforced discipline ushering in a period of peace and security - others might see it as the gateway that will ultimately allow us to be literally enslaved by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) or similar. It certainly doesn't sound like the democratic liberty we all bought into and our fathers fought for.

You decide!
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