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The Smears & Disrespect..

Trump's "Drain The Swamp" was a brave policy when you consider it just pitted the entire establishment against him, BUT, has anyone ever attracted as much personal and legal attacks as Donald Trump? So much of it should be rebutted with Libel and Slander cases, but the mark of a great man is to gracefully side step and carry on...

The article Here: -- It's Not Him. It's You - re TDS and the enduring Trump-hatred - Frontpagemag -- helps to explain why and how the propaganda and gaslighting against POTUS Trump was and is so effective.

Banned Speech

The banning of GOP press releases, reports, ads etc, are as recorded here, but particularly egregious is the removal of evidence. We started keeping a collection of removed evidence videos here.


These smears are not just out-and-out abuse, but include clever subtle psychological put downs, designed to mock, delegitimize and gaslight, but also include straight out childish journalistic name calling.

The tone of this story from the independent , a supposedly respectable newspaper in the UK, is a good example (copied excerpt) ..

Donald Trump continued his attacks on Georgia's state leadership beyond midnight last night as he raged at officials' refusal to entertain his lies about the US election.

The president tweeted a clip from the faux-news channel OAN, which he has pushed as an alternative to Fox News, while warning the governor, Brian Kemp, that "Georgia is watching". He also attacked lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan as "dumb".

The tantrum came after Georgia re-certified Joe Biden's election victory following two recounts.

..in particular, note the red highlighted choice of words, and their gaslighting impact - ie: the labeling of OAN as "faux-news" and POTUS's assertions as lies (note the way such opinions/smears are portrayed as unhesitating, unquestionable fact). The word "tantrum" is just childish. 

Indeed, it seems reasonable draw comparisons with Germany's 1940's propaganda machine that repeatedly portrayed Jewish citizens as vermin, making their disposal an easier pill to swallow. A copy of the above was submitted to archive org here as the page is in a dynamic feed. Editors note - by 2020/12/08 13:42:02 GMT, some 10 minutes later, it had already changed when we did the archive, but the only thing removed from the above original is the OAN smear.


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