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On 12 Jan 2021, Gateway ran this story... Who Is Behind the Planned "Armed March on Capitol Hill" and Is It a Deep State Plot?

And then they referred to this poster for January 17th ..

OK. We get it. No one likes violence. Everyone wants to follow the rule of law as a non-violent arbitration process rooted in centuries of legal precedent. This is all besides the fact there will be fierce armed resistance, so it seems that such a march would lead to a mini civil war.

Our point is this. Don't Americans have a right to bear arms? Don't Americans have a right to ASSEMBLE and to MARCH?

And did the legal route work? NO IT DID NOT!!! In each legal action brought, IT WAS DENIED ON STANDING! The evidence was Prima Facie, statistical, and bursting out of Affidavit folders.

But they did not even LOOK AT IT.


THEY broke the law. Chief Justice John Roberts (whose name coincidentally categorically appears on Jeffrey Epstein's private jet flight logs) and his witless cronies DENIED Justice and in doing so WROTE THEMSELVES OUT of being a part of the legal machine.

"Who says protests have to be peaceful" - Chris Cuomo
"There needs to be unrest in the streets" -  Ayanna Pressley
"Protesters should not give up" - Kamala Harris
"I just don't know why they aren't uprising  all over this country" - Nancy Pelosi
"You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, tell them they are not welcome" Maxine W

Let's face it, the constitution was by "We the people" FOR "We the people". You tell 'em! Chief Justice John Roberts is sacked by "We The People" for making up law as he goes along, deciding to deny standing for no coherent reason. Chief Justice John Roberts has rendered himself illegitimate and is now a nobody.

So should a nation just sit there and take it?

Well we STILL ask for peaceful protest, especially at this time. We hope you do. Soon, from the 20th, you will know what to do.
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