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Practical Actions

It is no exaggeration now to say that you are in the midst of a coup. This website is hosted in the UK but because the name servers are global (and they switched off parler.com) we ask you to keep the following alternate means of communication...
Safe(ish) Searches
  • Yandex.com (Russian - not found to be biased but one should expect it is. We rate it highly)
  • DuckDuckGo (American - was American / Russian.. It's American element leads us to suggest it is only moderately secure)
  • For Safe(ish) News Sites, see our /Indie-News .. (lists our top selection of news outlets).
  • For a twitter / parler alternative, see MINDS feed .. (early daus but currently better than the under powered Gab)
  • Use the browser Brave. Do NOT USE Firefox - they have gone far left.

General Instructions

  • Keep torches and tools handy, stock up on essentials
  • Keep your vehicle petrol tank near full
  • Know your safe places
  • Do not attempt to re-educate your children - they are safest right now thinking like socialists
  • Hide your weapons so they do not fall into the wrong hands
  • Use only Signal (phone app) to communicate
    • Remove WhatsApp - it is changing on Feb 8th to network all your phone numbers (FB will know all your private networked contacts).
  • Do not post anything controversial anywhere (including here)
  • Turn off Amazon Alexa (esp' if you are inclined to say controversial things)
  • Take off FitBit. Said to be now part of Google.
  • Avoid Google and GMail (and Facebook) or only use for harmless social chat
  • Don't take your phone with you unless on ordinary errands such as shops, doctors (it records a trail of your movements to ALL your friends etc)
In general, don't go overboard. Civilization as we know it is still here. Keep a list of vitals and keep your vehicle primed, keep the roof top box on. You never know when you have to leave for a while. But the chances of such a need are near zero.


  • Don't Buy Property
    • We see several trends towards "the great reset" and populace control through Covid vaccination passports etc with many feeling this might move towards property seizures.
    • Don't buy Bitcoin - it has no intrinsic value whatsoever (whereas state currencies are backed by the state) and as it is the currency of the underground, you are inviting trouble)
    • Gold and Silver are not much better (their intrinsic value is in electrical components - not much good if society is turned upside down).
  • If you feel it important to spread your risk to other currencies, consider..
    • Your dollar is quite safe to be fair
    • UK Pound Sterling (probably safest currently - personally, I don't want you to invest in it because it will cause a slight rise and my debts will increase!)
    • The Euro - they are, in our opinion, too close to the Biden camp to be safe
  • Your best assets are
    • Vehicles, Boats etc
    • Clothing, boots, camping equipment
    • Live stock (chickens upwards) and glass houses. If impractical, think canned food.
    • Supplies
    • Tools
    • Communications Equipment
    • Energy replacement (solar panels etc)
    • Bunkers and similar (to store supplies safely mainly).
    • Security Equipment (cameras, boundary beams, etc).
    • Guard Dogs
    • If you have land, Horses.
In general, don't rush, don't go overboard. Civilization as we know it may be in decline but it is not going anywhere yet!

Start a New VPN Network

  • See links below. For now, consider https://www.expressvpn.com/dan-bongino-vpn. See also Top 10 VPNs.
  • Use Signal as above (see their desktop version) and create your own secure network for your contacts
  • Don't try and use YouTube.com (even in the comments) - they are actively shadow-banning and manipulating search results.
  • For now, use www.rumble.com (but we think that may be taken down soon too).
At this time, we consider Window's PC's to be safe but
  • cover your camera
  • if you are inclined to say controversial things, unplug your microphone (or in the case of a laptop, disable the mic through settings).

Feeds and other Links we consider useful...

Complete DIrectory Here of Censored Sources with Alternate Links.

Dan here is something of a hero. Fighting hard despite cancer.

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